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Vanakkam. Namaste. Bonjour.

I am a reporter with a Master's in Journalism from the City University of New York. I have written news stories on the online dating industry and Bollywood. I speak Tamil, Hindi, and a smattering of French. I have a penchant for personality theories and fiction. I am also a published author of the novel, The Secret of the Mantle. Thanks for visiting. 

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The Secret of the Mantle

Death is upon earth. No one knows it better than the magical creature Ruchira. She hears about the devil -- The White Death -- who will bring forth destruction. She is also aware of the prophecy that states the earth can only be saved from its imminent doom by a mysterious being called The White Death's Equal. After eons, she discovers that it is none other than Dr Chary. But, can an old man, who is dying, really take on this role? Will he be able to survive the journey from earth to the seething pits in its center to fulfil the prophecy and save the planet? In this frightening adventure, Dr Chary will face the bloodthirsty followers of The White Death. He will make the most unusual allies and plummet from the dark depths of the seas to the molten inferno, called the Mantle, where a staggering truth about Life and Death will be unraveled. 



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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